Articles | Volume 12, issue 3
Clim. Past, 12, 623–634, 2016

Special issue: Climate change and human impact in Central and South America...

Clim. Past, 12, 623–634, 2016

Research article 14 Mar 2016

Research article | 14 Mar 2016

Variability in terrigenous sediment supply offshore of the Río de la Plata (Uruguay) recording the continental climatic history over the past 1200 years

Laura Perez et al.

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Subject: Ocean Dynamics | Archive: Marine Archives | Timescale: Centennial-Decadal
A reconstruction of warm-water inflow to Upernavik Isstrøm since 1925 CE and its relation to glacier retreat
Flor Vermassen, Nanna Andreasen, David J. Wangner, Nicolas Thibault, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, Rebecca Jackson, Sabine Schmidt, Kurt H. Kjær, and Camilla S. Andresen
Clim. Past, 15, 1171–1186,,, 2019
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The climate of the Common Era off the Iberian Peninsula
Fátima Abrantes, Teresa Rodrigues, Marta Rufino, Emília Salgueiro, Dulce Oliveira, Sandra Gomes, Paulo Oliveira, Ana Costa, Mário Mil-Homens, Teresa Drago, and Filipa Naughton
Clim. Past, 13, 1901–1918,,, 2017
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Freshening of the Labrador Sea as a trigger for Little Ice Age development
Montserrat Alonso-Garcia, Helga (Kikki) F. Kleiven, Jerry F. McManus, Paola Moffa-Sanchez, Wallace S. Broecker, and Benjamin P. Flower
Clim. Past, 13, 317–331,,, 2017
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Laminated sediments in the Bering Sea reveal atmospheric teleconnections to Greenland climate on millennial to decadal timescales during the last deglaciation
H. Kuehn, L. Lembke-Jene, R. Gersonde, O. Esper, F. Lamy, H. Arz, G. Kuhn, and R. Tiedemann
Clim. Past, 10, 2215–2236,,, 2014
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The response of the Peruvian Upwelling Ecosystem to centennial-scale global change during the last two millennia
R. Salvatteci, D. Gutiérrez, D. Field, A. Sifeddine, L. Ortlieb, I. Bouloubassi, M. Boussafir, H. Boucher, and F. Cetin
Clim. Past, 10, 715–731,,, 2014

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The observed changes in the presented proxy records indicate variations in both the continental runoff and the marine influence, related to regional climatic variability. Therefore, we put forward the suggestion that global atmospheric changes (related to changes in SAMS and SACZ intensity) have made an impact on the hydrodynamics and, consequently, on the local sedimentation regime and the inner Uruguayan continental shelf over the past 1200 cal yr BP (AD 750–2000).