Articles | Volume 11, issue 8
Clim. Past, 11, 1097–1105, 2015
Clim. Past, 11, 1097–1105, 2015
Research article
25 Aug 2015
Research article | 25 Aug 2015

Comment on "Radiative forcings for 28 potential Archean greenhouse gases" by Byrne and Goldblatt (2014)

R. V. Kochanov et al.

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Cavity ring-down spectroscopy of water vapor in the deep-blue region
Qing-Ying Yang, Eamon K. Conway, Hui Liang, Iouli E. Gordon, Yan Tan, and Shui-Ming Hu
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 15, 4463–4472,,, 2022
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An optimal estimation-based retrieval of upper atmospheric oxygen airglow and temperature from SCIAMACHY limb observations
Kang Sun, Mahdi Yousefi, Christopher Chan Miller, Kelly Chance, Gonzalo González Abad, Iouli E. Gordon, Xiong Liu, Ewan O'Sullivan, Christopher E. Sioris, and Steven C. Wofsy
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Dynamic infrared gas analysis from longleaf pine fuel beds burned in a wind tunnel: observation of phenol in pyrolysis and combustion phases
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Impact of using a new ultraviolet ozone absorption cross-section dataset on OMI ozone profile retrievals
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Atmos. Meas. Tech., 13, 5845–5854,,, 2020
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A semi-empirical potential energy surface and line list for H216O extending into the near-ultraviolet
Eamon K. Conway, Iouli E. Gordon, Jonathan Tennyson, Oleg L. Polyansky, Sergei N. Yurchenko, and Kelly Chance
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 20, 10015–10027,,, 2020
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Subject: Greenhouse Gases | Archive: Modelling only | Timescale: Pre-Cenozoic
Radiative forcings for 28 potential Archean greenhouse gases
B. Byrne and C. Goldblatt
Clim. Past, 10, 1779–1801,,, 2014
Radiative effects of ozone on the climate of a Snowball Earth
J. Yang, Y. Hu, and W. R. Peltier
Clim. Past, 8, 2019–2029,,, 2012

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Short summary
In the article Clim Past 10, 1779 (2014), the HITRAN2012 database was employed to evaluate the radiative forcing of 28 Archean gases. The authors claimed that for NO2, H2O2, C2H4, CH3OH, and CH3Br there are severe disagreements between cross sections generated from the HITRAN line-by-line data and those of the PNNL experimental database. In this work we show that the differences are not nearly at the scale suggested by the authors, and their conclusions about these gases and HO2 are not correct.