Articles | Volume 10, issue 6
Clim. Past, 10, 2067–2080, 2014
Clim. Past, 10, 2067–2080, 2014

Research article 28 Nov 2014

Research article | 28 Nov 2014

Sensitivity of East African savannah vegetation to historical moisture-balance variation

I. Ssemmanda et al.

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Using fossil pollen assemblages to trace vegetation response to relatively modest historical climate fluctuations is difficult. In this study, pollen data from a lake-sediment record in Queen Elizabeth National Park (Uganda) show that its landscape has been an open wooded savannah throughout the past 200 years, with known historical moisture-balance variation exerting modest effects on local tree cover (mostly Acacia and Ficus) and the occurrence of damp soil areas (promoting Phoenix palms).